Our beach is very secluded and we choose to share it only with the fishermen who bring their fresh catch to us daily. Fine white sand, refreshing waters of the Indian Ocean, a beautiful reef with a great variety of live shells, starfish, corals and tropical fish – these are only a few things that you will enjoy whilst snorkelling outside Tijara.


We are occasionally visited by dolphins and whales which can be seen swimming and frolicking outside our reef (seasonal); you can also watch turtles swim close to our beach during May-August without the need for you to take a deep sea dive. A large variety of tropical fish, shells and other marine life will share the waters with you while you snorkel in our own lagoon.


If you feel lazy you can simply lie on the beach, close your eyes and enjoy the sounds of the ocean or find a cool coral rock pool to immerse yourself in to take the heat out of your day.For those feeling energetic we recommend a short walk to the most magnificent cave, which apart from being amazing has historical value. The legend says that it is the famous Black Jack’s Cave which was used during the time of slave trading. The cave has many chambers with shafts of light illuminating it within; the high tide comes in twice a day and creates intricate patterns on the floor – what fun to spend your time exploring!