There is not much you need to bring for your holiday at Tijara as you will be spending a lot of time in your swimming costume! We can also lend you reef walking shoes, masks and snorkels without charge. There are however some items which are a must! Please read our recommendations based on our experience of living in Kenya.



  • Swimsuit – is a must!
  • Light clothes – for the day time (shorts, T-shirts, sarong, etc)
  • Light long sleeve shirt and long trousers or skirt – to cover you arms and legs in the evening, especially advisable from May to September as evenings are fresh wherever you are in Kenya
  • Light sweater or sweatshirt – as evenings might be fresh especially when on safari
  • Robust protective shoes for reef and cave walks – if you prefer your own, please remember that you will walk in the water so don’t buy anything expensive as you will most probably have to throw them away when your holiday is over, shoes should be comfortable and mustn’t fall off your feet easily; special reef shoes or shoes with canvas top and rubber soles are the best; old trainers will also do!
  • Hat – to cover your ears and neck
  • Sunglasses – to block UVA and UVB, the sun is too intense to be without them
  • Binoculars – as there is a lot to see in the ocean, in the garden and in the sky, not to mention your safari
  • Cameras – to take a lot of photos and movies
  • Sunblock cream – high factor is advisable as the equator sun is very strong
  • Aftersun cream – in case you overdo it in the sun
  • Your usual medicine – if you take any as you might not be able to find the same medicine locally
  • Some other medicine – to use in unlikely event of headache, stomach upset, small cuts and bruises, allergies, etc.
  • Anti malaria tablets – are advisable when you visit Kenya.
  • Insect repellent – to put on exposed skin in the evening
  • Books and games – to read and play while enjoying your free time; you can leave your read books and unwanted games with us to improve our collection which is open to other guests – we will appreciate it!

We advise you to insure your more valuable items or not to carry expensive items and jewellery on your trip to Kenya.

Check with your doctor which vaccination you will need.