• Anemone Hermit Crabs

    Dardanus pedunculatus is another type of hermit crab also called the anemone hermit crab. They have distinctive green eyes and beautiful anemones on their shell.


    Anemone hermit crab with fully flared up anemones

    Anemone hermit crab with beautiful anemones fully flared up


  • Hermit crabs – incredible creatures

    Can you tell me if there is anybody who has never seen or wondered about hermit crabs?! I do not think many can honestly say that they haven’t got a clue what I am talking about. Hermit crab? The guy who takes over a shell and lives there? Of course you’ve seen at least once on your beach holidays!


    Hermit crab coming out of his shell underwater

    Hermit crab coming out of his shell


  • Maasai Market in Nairobi – beautiful curios

    A trip to Maasai Market in Nairobi is always fun and I love it! A long time ago, in the 80-s, when I needed souvenirs to take back to Europe I used to go to Nairobi city centre, behind Uchumi (for those who know Nairobi it was opposite City Market), and find a lot of fascinating curios, batiks, carvings, nice bracelets, necklaces and lots of other interesting things. Loads of presents and gifts were purchased there and taken overseas over the years. Later, in the 90-s, the vendors had to move out as the site was to be developed, but they did not give up and started an open air market. Many years have passed since then and not many people would recognise that the well organised Maasai Market as we know it now, which takes place nearly daily in different locations throughout Nairobi, started from a few little stalls perched high on the rocks in the dust and fumes above the Globe Roundabout every Tuesday.


    Maasai Market - Plates and dishes made of soap stone

    Colourful soap stone plates and figurines



  • Marry me

    “Will you marry me?”… He smiled as he looked at his girlfriend, sleeping peacefully next to him with only gentle lullaby of the ocean and an occasional cry of a bushbaby breaking the silence in the otherwise soundless tranquility of their romantic retreat. The Full Moon lit up their room just enough to see her beautiful face.


    Romantic candlelit evening on the beach at full moon - the best way to ask "Will you marry me?"


  • Clam Shells – gallery

    I was hard pushed to choose a few photos of clam shells for this gallery because each one is unique, it has fascinating colours, shape and are a pleasure to observe and photograph. Here are the winners of clam shells beauty contest held at Tijara Beach on the beautiful South Coast of Mombasa in Kenya. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.


  • Clam Shells – amazing discoveries

    Clam shells – what are they? According to Wikipedia, clam shell or bivalve shell is part of the body, the exoskeleton or shell, of a bivalve mollusk. In life, the shell of this class of mollusks is composed of two parts, two valves which are hinged together. Bivalves are very common in many kinds of saltwater  habitats, but they are also found in brackish water and in fresh water. Not much is to be revealed by this description really till one gets to know them better. There are many different types of clam shells but the one I am fascinated by is Maxima Clam also known under the name of Small Giant Clam.


  • Escape to Paradise

    Escape to paradise – don’t we all dream about it every now and then? Quiet, isolated, tranquil, very private with the most amazing views, personal service and a very relaxed atmosphere of barefoot luxury – this is our escape to paradise and we built it ourselves! In order not to invent the wheel again, here is the story of us and Tijara which I had written earlier and which was published by one of the travel magazines. 

    Beautiful bright colours of our tropical garden


  • Welcome

    Welcome to our blog which we know we will enjoy writing and we hope you will enjoy reading. We plan to write not only about Tijara but about our life, about Kenya and other topics mostly related to travel and seeing interesting things.


    Every sunrise at Tijara is different but all are worth waking up early for