Clam Shells – gallery

I was hard pushed to choose a few photos of clam shells for this gallery because each one is unique, it has fascinating colours, shape and are a pleasure to observe and photograph. Here are the winners of clam shells beauty contest held at Tijara Beach on the beautiful South Coast of Mombasa in Kenya. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

If you want to read more about clam shells welcome to this blog entry, you can also get some information from Wikipedia here


Reef walks in general and snorkelling in particular are very enjoyable activities and at Tijara one can do it without having to go somewhere by road or by boat. At low tide we do reef and cave walks as well as snorkelling in our lagoon – one will feel as if swimming in his own private giant aquarium with myriads of tropical fish, amazing corals and of course clam shells.


As we are situated nearly on the equator (only around 4 degrees south) we never experience storms at sea and can do our walks nearly every day depending on the tides with exception of only a few days at neap tides. Every day we experience two high and two low tides and their time and height depends on the Moon phase. High tides are great as you can swim and ride the waves, low tides are great as you can sit in a tidal pool watching birds fishing and enjoying the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.


At Tijara we have mask, snorkels and reef shoes which our guests can use while staying with us at no extra cost. Our guided reef and cave walks are also free of charge and Ian or Larissa will accompany our guests on a snorkelling trip introducing them to the most fascinating and less known underwater world. You can rest assured that if you keep close to them they will point a few interesting things to you and you might even recognise some of the clam shells you see in this gallery as all pictures have been taken in our lagoon.