“…A great retreat from the city. Fabulous views, food and company! We hope to jopin you again soon!..” Sharon, Joe & Isabel – December’12


“…A very nice, fantastic place!..” Moni & Amelia – December’12


“…Refreshing relaxing retreat. Fantastic place and hospitality, we enjoyed every minute!..” Robin & Hege – December’12


“…Spectacular garden on piece of deserted land. Bravo for the imagination and creativity. May God bless you for your beautiful masterpiece…” Ilana & Arie – December ’12


“…We are forever grateful for your kind and gracious hospitality of our family. You have in Tijara a truly spectacular and unique piece of eden!..” Montoya family – December’12


“…Third time lucky! Enjoyed ourselves immensely! Rested and ready for cold Europe. Thank you ever so much for your hospitality and warm tender care!..” Andrew, Katarina, Daniel & Mai


“…An idilic hideaway – we have all enjoyed relaxing here. We look forward to to a return visit, many thanks for your warm hospitality…” Joe & Gillian – December’12


“…Lovely, beautiful spot! Wonderful caves and snorkelling. Thank you!” Katie & Nathaniel – November’12


“…It was a fantastic moment of all times. Thank you very much all the staff and Ian and Larissa for your kindness. We wish to come back anytime soon…” Takao & Miyuki – November’12


“…A wonderful island so close to the city but so far apart thank goodness! We loved being in the fantastic garden and enjoyed such a beautiful beach and reef. Frank and Anne are a legend!..” Tony & Bridget – November’12


“…Thank you Larissa and Ian for according us with a better time than we could ever have imagined! Your place is beautiful! A mini paradise for sure! We shall certainly be back and shall spread the word! Expect many more Kenyans in the near future! Keep it up! God bless…” Pamela & Charles – November’12


“…One week! Thank you Ian and Larissa for for a wonderful stay, staff was perfect. We had a wonderful and relaxing holiday. Snorkelling with Larissa was great!..” Bianca & Hartmut – November’12


“…Thank you Ian and Larissa for a wonderful stay! The retreat, reef and hospitality were superb! Haven’t felt that relaxed in a long time!..” Brendon & Bronte – October’12


“…Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so special! A great place to unwind after safari. The pool, beach, room – everything was amazing! Thanks to Frank and Anne for feeding us and making sure that we had enough Tusker! We will be back!..” Gillian & Gerald – October’12


“…Thank you for sharing your paradise on the beach with us. Anne and Frank and Fred were great and attentive. Food was awesome! With thanks from us…” Gavin & Kealleigh – October’12


“…Thank you Ian and Larissa for an amazing stay. Everything was perfect! Food, service, beach, pool, room – loved it all! Will be back ASAP!..” Justin & Gabrielle – October’12


“…A truly magical week! We could not have wished for a better start to married life! All our gratitude to our wonderful hosts for making our stay so special. Ian, Larissa, Frank, Anne and Fred – thank you! P.S. We need to be careful to recommend as we may never get a booking again!!! XXX”  Zara & Bary – October’12


“…Huge thanks to our son for recommending us to stay in this paradise! Ian, Larissa and all the staff are wonderful!..” Butch & Chris – September’12


“…We have never seen such a wonderful place before! Thank you for everything!..” Julia & Christian – September’12


“…It is so wonderful to be back in this special place! Better than ever! Thanks!..” Nick & Melanie – September’12


“…Wonderful! Thanks all for the amazing time!..” Avril & Trevor – September’12


“…Wow! A sanctuary and paradise made from nothing! Great staff! Thank you!..” Carol & Ken – September’12


“…Such a relaxing stay in paradise! Wish we could stay forever!..” Arthur & Christine – September’12


“…Tijara is good for your soul, asante sana!..” Kate – September’12


“…Had a wonderful stay, amazing views, service, food! Good job, keep it up!..” Ghaley family – August’12


“…A very warm welcome has been followed by excellent service and genuine interest in the guests…!” Geert, Anna-Lise & Ida – August’12


“…Third time – still as excellent as ever! Thank you!..” Gill & Mike – August’12


“…Back again and yes, we will be back again soon! Great break!..” Lucie & David – August’12


“…We had an amazing, memorable buddy-moon and working inspirational meetings here! We love it here!..” Chrissie & Zane – August’12


“…What a perfect start to our marriage!..” Tracy & Eddie – July’12


“…We enjoyed our honeymoon!..” Yasuhiro & Keiko – July’12


“…Beautiful romantic paradise!…” Melina, Clare, Sonja & Susan – July’12


“… Thanks a lot for a wonderful weekend in paradise. Special thanks to the team – the service was excellent!..” Estelle & Francoise – July’12


“… A beautiful few days. Many thanks to the whole team for the wonderful memories” Irene & Warren – July’12


“… Perfect place to relax, amazing views, we felt very homely. Delicious food and very friendly staff. Thank you for these beautiful days!..” Anne & Christine – June’12


“… Paradise on Earth! Thank you Ian and Larissa!..” Asheet – June’12


“… A beautiful, relaxing and magical ending to our honeymoon. The views, our room and our Kenyan wedding by the pool will make it unforgettable for a long long time. Thank you!..” Stewart & Frances – June’12


“… Splendid facilities, great service and wonderful atmosphere…” John & Joy – June’12


“… Thank you for allowing us to film your beautiful resort. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!..” Nic – June’12


“… Thanks very much. Great food, nice walk to caves, very relaxing!..” Lucy – June’12


“… We have had such a relaxing few days made more so by the wonderful staff and beautiful surroundings. Thanks!..” Tansy & Simon – June’12


“…Thank you for an attentive, relaxing and beautiful end to our safari holiday! Such a beautiful location and lovely staff…” Carol & Andrew – June’12


“…What a lovely place you have created here. New discovery! Great walk to the caves and great goggling! Thanks!..” Willem & Marie Jose – June’12


“…Beautiful place. We really enjoyed a relaxing time here. You make it very relaxing and personal. Thanks!..” Francis & Andrew – June’12


“…One of the most memorable experiences of my life! Thank you!..” Nathan – May’12


“…Terrific service, amazing food, brilliant views!..” Josh – May’12


“…Fabulous place, hosts and staff. We will be back!..” Christine & Ben – May’12


“…The walk to the caves was a new adventure! You have created a wonderful paradise. Thanks to all!..” Barbara – May’12


“…Beautiful garden, delicious food, dedicated staff, nice scenery. This place is amazing! Will definitely visit again!..” Gardi – May’12


“…Only incredible people, and only a few, can create something amazing. If even the good Lord created anything better than Tijara he has surely kept it to himself!!! We know exactly where we will head each time we have a break in the future!..” Lucy & David – April’12


“…A truly stunning place with great staff. Would highly recommend!..” Laurence & Christine – April’12


“…A beautiful place and great service. Thank you!..” Pat & Joseph – April’12


“…Thank you very much for your warm hospitality. It is a beautiful place, paradise!..” Mary – April’12


“…Beautiful place, we had a wonderful time. Thanks for your hospitality! We will visit you again!..” Sarah & Marco – April’12


“… All we say is that we have never had a more restful holiday. Thank you for your generous hospitality and beautiful garden. See you again!…” Carter & Kerry – March ‘12