Marry me

“Will you marry me?”… He smiled as he looked at his girlfriend, sleeping peacefully next to him with only gentle lullaby of the ocean and an occasional cry of a bushbaby breaking the silence in the otherwise soundless tranquility of their romantic retreat. The Full Moon lit up their room just enough to see her beautiful face.


Romantic candlelit evening on the beach at full moon - the best way to ask "Will you marry me?"


“Will you marry me?” – that’s what he wrote with small pretty shells in the middle of the night on the edge of a sunken bath with candles and petals of frangipani and desert rose still floating in water. He looked at his girlfriend and smiled anticipating seeing her face in the morning when she sleepily walks into the bathroom, still rubbing her eyes trying to wake up. She was not a morning person and he was not in any danger of missing this precious moment. He gave her a butterfly kiss and closed his eyes…


The sun lightly touched his face and he was up straight away, excitement of the moment made sure he was awake with the rising sun. But… his girlfriend was not around… He rushed to the bathroom and stopped… “Yes” – was the only word he saw on the edge of the bath. Just these three letters that changed his life.


He slowly walked out on to their private deck, his bride was on a daybed, looking at the most amazing azure waters of the Indian Ocean and smiling dreamily.


This is not a story, it happened in real life. It took place on the beautiful Kenya coast right here, at Tijara Beach Hotel, a small tranquil paradise which is the most perfect place to pop a question! Is it not the most romantic proposal you have ever heard of? We had many couples leaving us having got engaged here but this story is our most favourite! What was your “marry me” moment? We would love to hear from you!