Welcome to our blog which we know we will enjoy writing and we hope you will enjoy reading. We plan to write not only about Tijara but about our life, about Kenya and other topics mostly related to travel and seeing interesting things.


Every sunrise at Tijara is different but all are worth waking up early for

To start with we want to introduce ourselves. As you probably read on this website, Tijara is a small hotel which is owned and run by our family. We have 2 great kids and we live in the most beautiful place in the world!


We worked in corporate world for many years and were part of the rat race which we managed to eventually escape from by buying a piece of land with lots of bush, millions of rocks, no soil but absolutely amazing views! Two years later we opened Tijara. Having cut through the bush to see what we actually have, we then moved tons and tons of rock, brought thousands of lorries of soil, planted hundreds of trees and started a small kasaurina project to have our own building materials and create some soil…


As we are approaching the 5th anniversary of opening we are still cutting some bush and moving some rocks to make Tijara even more beautiful, but we do now have our own soil as our kasaurina project succeeded! Our “bottom field” which was left with little done to it at the beginning is now a beautiful garden with lawns, rock features and a fish pond full of fish to the delight of cormorants, kingfishers and herons! The most beautiful fish eagle also comes from time to time for a snack!


Tijara is the most exciting and satisfying project of our lives as having started it in 2005 with only two of us and a small dog Tango, we are now a family of four with three more dogs to keep Tango amused in her old age. So the last seven years brought some incredible changes into our personal lives, we met many wonderful people some of whom became our friends and who keep returning to Tijara and recommending us to their friends. We think that in doing what we do now we found what we could not find in our “previous” lives – peace, happiness and a more relaxed way of looking at life.